The Jade Ravens Combat Company

The Jade Ravens are also employed by the Lavinia Vanderboren


Tolin Kientai (Human Male Ranger)

Charismatic leader of the Jade Ravens. Tolin has proven to be rather over-protective of Lavinia, and at times seems gruff and impersonal with the Heroes. Tolin is as vain and brash as he is handsome.

Kaskus Kiel (Dwarf Male Druid)

Kaskus has a deep love of mountains and caverns. He is currently serving with the Jade Ravens out of respect for Lavinia and James’ father who rescued him from slavery.

Liamae Teslikaria (Human Female Sorcerer / Favored Soul of Rudd)

Haughty, noble born woman who rebeled against her parents and ran away to become an adventurer. She is capracious and ocassionally self-destructive.

Zan Oldavin (Half-elf Male Rogue)

Jaunty and flamboyant, with an obsession with his dagger collection. He is also carefree and irresponsible, which often lands him and the Ravens in trouble with the authorities.


Lavinia had more than one group of adventurers in her employ. The Jade Ravens consisted of a group of mercenaries and adventurers who had served the Vanderborens for many years. During the Wormfall Festival, the Jade Ravens were captured by the monstrous invaders of Vanderboren Manor and the “other team” (Viselys, Ornrik, Adameus and Saris) rescued them along with their patron. After that, the Jade Ravens had little contact with the others as they journeyed to Farshore aboard the Blue Nixie.

The Jade Ravens Combat Company

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