Tropos is a barbarian astral pirate going out for a large mindflayer slaying route. The mission was an epic failure. Our ship got ambushed and we failed to defend it. A handful of low ranking Gith made it back to Tanarath (Capital city).Val Kith the lich Queen gave us a fate worse than death. She stripped us of our clan titles and were casted out into the astral sea with nothing. Some of my comrades killed themselves and others were killed by the strange
beasts of the astral plane. Tropos was luckier than his fellow Gith. He was caught in an astral storm that send him colliding with a color pool that landed him on the Material Plane.

Currently he resides in coastal city of Sasereen and works for a drunkard weapons smith with the last name shank. he has only been in this place for a week but he has already made some allies as well as some enemies.

Tropos found himself much different than the other Gith. Being cast out distanced himself even further from the typical Githyanki.He holds his old hatreds of mindlflayers and githzerai but has recently changed his views on material plane denizens. My character is a Githyanki Barbarian who will Eventually become an illithid slayer.



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