Vanthus Vanderboren

“You didn’t expect this? How charmingly naive. I envy your pathetic, wide-eyed, fall-for-anything innocence, I really do.”


Vanthus is a human male in his early twenties. He has long, well-kept strawberry blond hair, the same color as his sister’s, and also keeps a well-trimmed anchor beard and goatee. According to his sister, he dresses in finery wherever he goes and loves to be flashy, both with his cash and with his personal expression. According to Lavinia, he is a classically-schooled fencer and favors the rapier and main gauche, and he possesses a set in the same style as her own.

While all second hand from Lavinia, the party’s understanding of Vanthus’ life and story is that he and his sister were good friends as children, but around the ages of ten and twelve (respectively), the childrens’ parents sent them out of Sasserine, both to shelter them from the poor social climate the Sea Princes rule created and to provide them with schooling for their future. While Lavinia was sent to an academy where she learned courtly etiquette, how to fence, and how to behave in civilized society, Vanthus was sent to what amounted to little more than a militarized work camp. Between the ages of twelve and twenty-one, Vanthus worked on a plantation where he was ostensibly schooled in discipline, military protocol, etiquette in polite society, and swordplay, but in truth learned only to be a criminal and delinquent, and a very good one. Resentful of his parents’ decision to send him away while his sister learned to dance and write poetry, Vanthus spent years nursing a growing hatred and using the training that was meant to turn him into a competent gentleman soldier to instead become a better crook.

After returning to Sasserine, he was emotionally distant and taken to drinking and whoring. It is now known that during this time he engineered and undertook the murder of his parents, burning their boat while they were at sea in a bid to steal the family fortune and make partners with one of his many paramours, Rowyn Kellani, the then head of the Lotus Dragons Thieves’ Guild. With the party hot on his trail at this point, he then used the connections of his duped girlfriend Brissa Santos to cross the Crimson Fleet, setting their ships aflame with the intention of stealing valuable cargo and instead succeeding only in causing some calamity at Kraken’s Cove.

After a string of attempted revenge schemes that pushed the boundaries of his sister’s forgiveness unto breaking, Vanthus eventually fled Sasserine after the dismantling of the Lotus Dragons Guild by the Thunder Lizards. Lavinia has turned her attention away from seeking justice against her brother, and Vanthus’ whereabouts and intentions remain a mystery at this time.

Vanthus Vanderboren

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