Lv 2 Aboleth Play Test

Fish Fingers and Remmy were in the mix! First we discovered a 30 foot pure white marble tower with some type of blue hued barrier field around it. Trapped inside the barrier was a an ill tempered ghost. We were then ambushed by some beetles looking for a new meal! Then we found an entrance to a dungeon that most likely leads underneath the mysterious marble tower. The gnome and hulking eidelon explored first with their darkvision and a tentacle lashes out! Its an outough! Gross! Then Pete had to bounce,

So with no explanation at all Guy and I opened a new map to test out some spells using the program. We fought some electric eels in a shallow pool of water by the coast. Sh*t got real ugly fast when the water started to thicken and a gray slime permeated on the water like an oil slick. A 25 foot long fish like creature with three eyes and four tentacles emerges from the water. ABOLETH! Guy and I both summon planar eagles to distract the creature so the Eidelon can land some gruesome blows but in as quickly as 12 seconds the eagles and eidelon are bludgeoned to death by the creatures tentacles! It strikes Remmy and his flesh immediately turns to a clear gelatinous shape. It is clear retreat is the only option at this point. Remmy runs to shore and collapses as his vital systems can’t function in a gelatinous state. Trellin, sea elf cleric, makes a bold toss with his net to hamper the creature before making his retreat. Although entangled the monstrous aberration assaults the mind attempting to establish control over the sea elf. Barely resisting Trellin climbs up the sea wall, and out of site.

Within reach of the gnome and out of site of the Aberation, the cleric summons the healing waters of his deity and brings Remmy back to his senses. The aboleth spotting this attempts to take command of Remmy’s mind and succeeds! Remmy stands up and walks to stand next to the Aboleth as a docile slave. Trellin runs over deflects tentacle lashes with his round bronze shield and grabs the gnome by the collar Yelling “We need to leave, NOW!” The aboleth seizes this opportunity to seize the elf’s mind again. By the grace of the gods Trellin resists the mind control and runs off with the gnome.

After securing a safe distance Trellin realizes the gnome can not breath and he is screaming for water! The mucus from the aboleth has infected his lungs and he can only breath underwater! He’s suffocating! Trellin can also see that the wounds they have suffered are drying and look to prove fatal if not kept moist. Luckily it is monsoon season and it begins to pour, and the cleric is summoning water to allow the gnome to breath. When they find a flooded stream, they rest. The gnome’s only wish is to stand with the aboleth. He wants to please his master. At this point Trellin shakes his partner explaining clearly what would happen to him if he returns to the Aboleth, and praying to the gods he can wrest this creature’s control over the gnome.

End! Guy has to make a secondary will Save with a +3 bonus. Fail this save and you under control for 16 days. Both the gnome and Trellin suffer slimy wounds that inflict a -4 penalty to Con damage. I have no idea how to remove the -4 con and I was the DM! After 3 hours the gnome can breath air again.

Tough scene!

Lv 2 Aboleth Play Test

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